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  • - [damage2eye9 detect_bright3stars:  dynamic_range; eclipsing+binary+stars<  edit+AIP4Win= $every+things+are+beautiful> find_or_create?  focus_filter@ focusedA friction_driveC ][OrionSSPro$  PhotonNumbers D;Orion%BC%D2%A4%CE%A5%AA%A1%BC%A5%C8%A5%AC%A5%A4%A5%C0%A1%BC" PNV_J18102135-230506& xoRuby%A4%C7TheSky6%A1%A6CCDSoft%A4%F2%C1%E0%A4%EA%A1%A2%CB%BE%B1%F3%B6%C0%A4%C8CCD%A4%F2%C0%A9%B8%E6%A4%B9%A4%EB% H>Ruby%A4%C7FITS%A5%D5%A5%A1%A5%A4%A5%EB%A4%F2%A4%B5%A4%EF%A4%EB(  SkyBrigtness' SideMenu, U+Sco4  bsc5db_rb) SolarOscillation* TPoint%26TheSky62 bds TextFormattingRules- V407+Cyg. V733_Tau/ V773_Tau0 V881_Per1 airmass3  binary_radius5 ccd_photometry6 com107 ]
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