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Periodicity of KT Eri

Analysis of the periodicity in KT Eri

  • Analyzed Photometric Data
Analysised photometric data are consit of 7521 points from JD=2455228 to 2455272
which are not only my own observation but also AAVSO's .
  • Analysis methods
Peranso Version 2.31 (C)CBA Belgium Observatory
  • Results

There seems to be three periods which are 5day(or 2.5day), 0.5day and 0.03day.

(1) 5-day(or 2.5day) Period - Orbital one? -


P1=5.2288 day p5_2288.gif (or 2.6339day) p2_6339.gif

(2)0.5-day Period

P=0.4958 day


(3)Less than 0.05-day Period -temporary QPO

for example in JD=2455214 KT_Eri20100117_qpo@OTO.gif KT_Eri20100117V_7av@OTO.gif,

JD=2455236 kt_eri20100208V@OTO.gif

and JD=2455248 kt_eri20100220@OTO.gif.

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